Journey to Self-Love

Day 1 of my journey toward self-love,

So, I just recently came up with the idea of learning to love myself, I never thought about it too much before but for a while now I’ve noticed that I hold a lot of negative emotions toward myself and that’s something I want to get under control. If you read my poetry, you’ll notice that most of the time it concerns negative emotions and I want to try to balance all that out with some positivity, not just for myself but here as well (I don’t want to be known as that emo blog haha!). For now I’m pretty much making everything up as I go but, in the future, I’ll probably do research to get a better idea of how others have gone about it. The ideas I’ve brainstormed so far are as follows:

  • take yourself on a date
  • do something you’ve always wanted to do
  • look in the mirror and compliment yourself everyday
  • surround yourself with loving/encouraging quotes and Bible verses
  • keep a journal

I’m still in the process of making this list so it will be longer in the future.

Today I started out by going to Barnes & Noble, this is a big deal for me because I’m not great when it comes to being social, to put it mildly, so I spend most of my time either at home or at my boyfriend’s. I’ve done this once before since coming back from school but for some reason I was more nervous, it was so bad that I didn’t stay get any writing done like I planned. However, I did treat myself to some Starbucks and I bought a book, so all was not lost!

I will continue to update how everything is going and hopefully this encourages other people to do the same, but honestly, I don’t know how many people actually care about this blog so I’m not holding my breath.

Until next time,
A. C. Jake.


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