Let me tell you a story about how it all fell apart.
It started out alright, I was cruising.
It got a little bumpy, so I buckled up.
Then someone broke my mirrors.
I was rattled and the glass got everywhere,
But I was able to fix it them with time.
I was cruising again.
I took a turn down a road I’d never heard of before.
I could hear the wind beating against my frame,
But I was still standing,
I was okay.
It got stronger though.
I couldn’t move forward much.
Then the rain came.
And even though I love the rain, it wasn’t a good sign,
It made it really hard to see.
And when paired with the wind, it began to hurt.
It pelted off of me,
So fast,
So painful.
It made me scared and confused.
I hadn’t noticed how dark it had gotten.
I tried to drive on, aimlessly.
Everything was blurry, loud and covered.
It felt as if a million things were happening at once and I had no way of dealing with it all.
No where to go.
And then I crashed.
The fire made it easier to see but I couldn’t move.
My engine was stuttering and my wheels wouldn’t turn.
I’m still waiting for someone to come for me.


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