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I'm going to get in trouble again, I did something I shouldn't have. I can feel it. Someone's feelings got hurt and it's my fault. I didn't do it on purpose! I was trying to look out for myself. Why is it always about you? Who gets in trouble for my feelings?


The End

She would never say everything now, But one day they will come into her secret garden. They will break down her walls with fire and fiery, Demanding everything she cannot give. They will destroy everything. They will lay her bare And she will say all the things they never wanted to hear and then never... Continue Reading →

I know the feeling

I don't always remember all the things that upset me, The unfairness, The injustices, The mean things said. But I remember the feelings. This makes it difficult to argue my case a lot of the time. But I know, And I feel deep down everyone remembers what they've done, They just don't want to be... Continue Reading →

Something bad

Everyday I find out something new about myself. Something bad. But there comes a point where telling someone all your issues starts sounding like excuses, To others and especially yourself. And you think, "well isn't that wonderful, one more thing to add on." And then you think to yourself that maybe you're just lazy and... Continue Reading →


Let me tell you a story about how it all fell apart. It started out alright, I was cruising. It got a little bumpy, so I buckled up. Then someone broke my mirrors. I was rattled and the glass got everywhere, But I was able to fix it them with time. I was cruising again.... Continue Reading →

Love hurts

I love you so much. But sometimes you scare me. Sometimes you hurt me. And sometimes I think that I made a mistake. But there will be ups and downs. It won't always be fun and easy. I just don't want to be yelled at. Or ignored, which is even worse. I want to respect... Continue Reading →

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It's funny how you say I've been ignoring you when for a long time you have been neglecting me. I will only fight for your attention for so long. I'm not always going to be here, Not when you forget about me so often and make me feel like I was wrong. When I see... Continue Reading →

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